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Real Estate Law

At So. Cal. Realty Law, we have experience in every aspect of real estate transactions and litigation. The subject matter of litigation includes real estate fraud, non-disclosure disputes, professional negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, California Business & Professions Code, easement and boundary line disputes, to name a few. Special litigation remedies available in real property disputes include preliminary injunctions to stop foreclosure or other activity, writs of attachment to secure recovery from real property, and lis pendens or Notice of Real Property Action recorded with the county to prevent the transfer of property to third parties while litigation is pending. The attorneys stress the importance of mediating disputes prior to litigation, if possible.

The attorneys draft contracts, addenda, and other types of documents to fine-tune any transaction to meet a seller’s and buyer’s needs. Transactions may involve commercial or residential property, including traditional sales, negotiating short sales with mortgage lenders, drafting lease options and options to purchase, and engaging the services of escrow and title to assist.  Attorney Welsh-Levin is a real estate broker with access to the Multiple Listing Service for the County of San Diego.

Some of our clients are involved in complaints, investigations, and hearings with the California Bureau of Real Estate, and discipline or ethics panels at the local Association of REALTORS®. The attorneys assist clients with correspondence and representation with these entities.

Attorney Welsh-Levin has testified as an expert witness in real estate cases involving standard of care among real estate professionals, and standard of care for loan modification review and assistance.


Attorney Shanna Welsh-Levin is a trusted and experienced mortgage counselor and foreclosure counselor who cares for consumers.  During a time when mortgages were causing homeowners great distress, Ms. Welsh spent Saturday mornings providing free mortgage and foreclosure counseling at the HOME Clinics, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  When the demand was high, she taught seminars throughout San Diego County about homeowners’ Options to Avoid Foreclosure. 

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The attorneys at So. Cal. Realty Law have the experience that landlords need to handle difficult situations, including unlawful detainer (eviction) cases, lease contract disputes, security deposit disputes, property damage and habitability disputes, small claims litigation, and any other aspect of landlord/tenant litigation. The office also handles matters for commercial or residential tenants, such as lease negotiation, security deposit disputes, or eviction defense for residential tenants who suffered significant personal injury due to uninhabitable conditions at their rental dwelling.

Other Practice Areas

Attorney Welsh-Levin has experience outside of real estate law, specifically with civil appeals and writs, and defamation litigation.  Ms. Welsh has litigated Anti-SLAPP Special Motions to Strike, and filed and won an appeal on one of these motions.  The attorneys also handle defamation of character litigation based on slander or libel.


Property owners may share the ownership of real property.  The right to hold title to a parcel of real estate may be divided with others who collectively own the property.  When property owners share the ownership rights to property, this may result in the need for a co-ownership agreement.  If the co-ownership of property becomes problematic, owners may handle the dispute through mediation, or file an Action in Partition and for Ejectment from the property.

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