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Southern California Realty Law is the law firm of attorney Shanna E. Welsh. We represent consumers, homeowners, and real estate brokers to resolve disputes of all kinds. The legal services offered by this firm include civil litigation, mediation, arbitration, unlawful detainer (eviction), tenant defense, real estate transactions, HOA disputes, a wide variety of other real estate-related services, as well as defamation issues (Anti-SLAPP) and appellate practice.

As a personal interest and mission, this firm is proud of its extensive knowledge and support of Housing Opportunities, including options to avoid foreclosure, finding REALTORS® who are educated about the special needs of first-time homebuyers, low income homebuyers, down payment assistance, and Fair Housing laws. This office assists REALTORS® with difficult transactions, such as short sales, as well as general legal consultation relating to real estate transactions.

Options to Avoid Foreclosure
Homeowners benefit from a one-hour consultation to discuss their options, including loan modification, short sale, bankruptcy, the foreclosure process, debt settlement, and deed in lieu of foreclosure.
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Civil Litigation
Tenant Defense and Landlord Eviction
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Civil Litigation
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