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How Are Your Leases Doing?

Commercial and residential property owners make a vast amount of money off of rental properties. Income-producing properties are highly valuable, but they are at the mercy of the leases signed. You want to ensure your leasing situation is in a good place.

At So. Cal. Realty Law, APC, our dedicated attorneys have the experience in real estate law needed to make a big difference in your leasing situation. Landlord-tenant law in California is notably complex, and we serve landlords across San Diego and southern California – including individuals and real estate holding LLCs. Our goal is to help you maintain a steady, stable income stream through effective leasing.

Strong Leases Can Discourage Disputes

Landlord-tenant disputes have a major impact on your bottom line, whether they are with a commercial tenant or a residential one. However, many disputes can be defused before they start by having an effective, impactful lease agreement in place. That is actually not as simple as it sounds.

Our lawyers have a reputation for aggressive, trial-tested litigation, and we can use those skills to secure your lease agreements. We can quickly review any lease and offer you insight into any concerns we might find, including weaknesses and lack of clarity.

We Can Draft Your Lease Agreements

Crafting a lease from scratch that meets your needs is a strong step in the right direction. With our detailed understanding of the law, as well as our background in landlord-tenant disputes, we are well-suited to create your lease. We will work closely with you to build a lease that meets your goals and helps you secure your property for the future.

Turn To So. Cal. Realty Law, Today

Leaving your leases up to chance or to forms downloaded from a website is a major risk. You need to be specific and consistent with your leasing agenda. We can help.

Reach out to us by phone at 619-826-8213 or send an email using this form to set up a meeting with us. We will talk with you about your leasing situation and strive to find you a workable solution for the long term.