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Quiet Title Actions Clear Up Complex Property Problems

The use of a quiet title action is to clarify who owns a specific piece of property. The term refers to the effort to literally “quiet” the claims against a piece of property, therefore making it saleable and transferrable. Quiet title is a complex issue, and you must turn to a skilled, experienced attorney to expedite the process.

At So. Cal. Realty Law, our lawyers are highly attentive and aggressive in addressing the obstacles our real estate clients face. Our attorneys are ready to get to work for property owners across San Diego and the rest of Southern California in quiet title actions.

What Does A Quiet Title Action Do?

The specifics of a quiet title claim are extremely complex. However, the overall goal of pursuing these actions is to resolve outstanding issues and problems. It can mean:

  • Resolving a boundary dispute
  • Defining the total area of an easement
  • Removing fraudulent claims against a property
  • Settling issues of multiple legitimate claims against a property
  • Removing liens
  • Settling adverse possession issues

Quiet claim actions are the way to help clear the path to ensuring your property is profitable and workable for your goals. Our attorneys have the experience needed to pursue any quiet title action as far as necessary to seek the outcome you deserve.

Investigating Easement Rights

Easements are an especially complicated issue when it comes to property claims. In some cases, it may be a form of prescriptive adverse possession that allows a third party access to a part of your property. In other cases, an easement may be an agreement built into the deed with a previous owner.

Easements are extremely difficult to remove or negotiate. These often lead to bitter and protracted legal battles. Our team of attorneys is zealous and committed to finding the right way forward for you and your property and can help you resolve your questions.

Thorough. Aggressive. Experienced

If you think that the title issues facing your property are getting out of control, reach out to us about a quiet title action. We will efficiently review your situation, provide a thorough outlook, and, if necessary, begin actions to settle the issue.

Reach out to us by phone at 619-826-8213 or send us an email to get started.