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Effectively Resolving Real Estate Disputes In California Court

Disputes in real estate are regular occurrences. You will never be able totally avoid disagreements when it comes to certain issues. However, when that disagreement rises to the level of litigation, your property and financial goals are jeopardized.

At So. Cal. Realty Law, APC, our real estate attorneys are aggressive and experienced with all types of disputes. Utilizing highly proactive tactics, we have fought for landlords across San Diego and the rest of southern California. Our zealous pursuit of your goals makes a major difference.

Trial-Tested Attorneys On Your Side

Experience is a major benefit to you when your real estate dispute ends up in front of a judge. An attorney who has been to court hundreds of times can quickly gauge how the trial shapes up and make strategic adjustments on the fly. These skills are applicable to any dispute in real estate, such as:

Commercial and residential properties are all faced with similar issues that occasionally will need to find resolution in court. We will be the advocates you deserve to fight for you and pursue the results you need.

Real Estate Expert Witness

As an additional service to individuals in real estate disputes, our founding attorney, Shanna Welsh-Levin, can serve as a real estate expert witness. This is a separate service from cases where we are representing a client. In outside cases, she is available to utilize her experience as a real estate agent and attorney to provide expert testimony in that capacity.

Get The Advocate You Deserve. Get So. Cal. Realty Law.

Your real estate case deserves the attention of a skilled and attentive real estate lawyer. You deserve to work with a team that will fight hard for you. That is who we are. Contact us today at 619-826-8213 or send an email to get started.