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Was Your Tax Assessment Fair?

Tax assessments are a process that is fairly opaque to most property owners. What a tax assessment aims to do is accurately define how much your property is worth and appropriately tax it. However, those “calculations” can turn into an unfair burden.

At So. Cal. Realty Law, APC, our aggressive real estate attorneys have a long history of providing diligent, persistent legal representation to clients in their disputes with tax assessments. We work for clients from San Diego and across the Southern California area and have built a reputation for consistency and strength in all real estate disputes.

What Goes Into A Tax Assessment Appeal?

When you disagree with your tax assessment, the first step is to begin the appeals process. Our attorneys will walk you through each step of this, ensuring you meet the deadlines and filing dates necessary. However, the most important aspect of your appeal is ensuring that you have grounds.

The state recognizes several scenarios as grounds for an appeal, which can include:

  • New construction
  • Change in ownership
  • Historical overvaluation of a property

Additionally, Proposition 8 can also provide you with an opportunity to lower your tax assessment value if the current value of the property is less than what it was found in the previous assessment.

It is important to realize that all tax assessment appeals are highly complex issues. That’s why our team will be with you the entire way.

Attentive. Aggressive. Experienced.

We have the skill you need to craft a successful appeal. Our courtroom experience means we understand how to pursue any litigation or dispute with confidence, and we will work diligently to pursue your desired outcome.

To find out how we can make a difference for your case, reach out to us by calling our office at 619-826-8213 or sending an email using this form. We’re here to help.